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Obligatory price-list for renting of apartment WIKTOR (price is set finally by the owner or his associate)

  Price per 1 night
1st May – 15th June
16th September – 30th September
306-450 zł

16 June – 15th September

405 - 550 zł
3rd January – 30th April
1st October – 22nd December
203-450 zł
23rd December – 2nd January 203-450 zł
  1. In summer time and holidays: Easter or Christmas-New Year’s Eve we offer stay for 1 week at least, but the beginning of stay in summer time is on Friday or Saturday.
  2. Place in underground garage hall or parking place is included in price.
  3. We accept: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express.

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Our apartments for rent:

Wiktor Apartment - Sopot

Aleksander Apartment - Sopot

Dariusz Apartment - Jurata
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