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Cruises In The Gulf


We kindly invite you for unforgettable fair tours cross the Baltic Gulf where you can feel real marine atmosphere and admire our beautiful Baltic Sea from the Galeon GALIA 360 motor boat’s deck. The boat has 5 seats plus 1seat for skipper. Price for one tour 500 zł plus cost of fuel consumption depends of length of the tour’s route.

Obligatory price-list of motor boat`s cruises

Route Price
1 hour cruise cross the Gulf of GdaÅ„sk 500 zł
Gdynia – Sopot - Gdynia 300 zł
Gdynia – GdaÅ„sk - Gdynia 1.200 zł
Gdynia – Puck - Gdynia 1.500 zł
Gdynia – Hel - Gdynia 1.500 zł
Gdynia – Jastarnia - Gdynia 1.000 zł
Gdynia – Kuźnica - Gdynia 1.000 zł
Gdynia – Gdańsk – Sobieszewo - Gdynia 2.000 zł
Layover - 1 hour 50 zł

Rent an apartment


Our apartments for rent:

Wiktor Apartment - Sopot

Aleksander Apartment - Sopot

Dariusz Apartment - Jurata
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